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Characteristics of Being CHANGED THROUGH FAITH


We all have a story to tell.  In many cases, our testimony of what God has done, and is doing, will draw others closer to Him.  In a recent blog post, I looked at what it means to be CHANGED THROUGH FAITH.  Today, I would like to share the characteristics of being Changed Through Faith, as seen in my own life.

My hope in sharing this list is this:  It took me 47 years to start living the way God intended through true relationship with Jesus and obedience to His plans and direction for me.  I want you to experience this much sooner than I did!

So, this should not elicit a response of "Oh, that's good for him," but rather, "If it happened for him, that can happen/is happening to me!" I hope it encourages you in your journey.

Feel free to add to the list or make comments below, and please share our ministry with others.

-Brian Goslee, Changed Through Faith


by Brian Goslee, Changed Through Faith Ministries

- I have more joy

- I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind

- I am calm and peaceful more of the time

- I extend much more grace to my children

- I stress infrequently about money 

- I spend more time in prayer

- The Word sinks in deeper, makes more sense, and sticks, and I apply it frequently to my life and conversations with others

- I am not afraid or self-conscious to talk about the Lord to others

- I fully believe God is in charge and He will take care of me

- I fully believe He’s “got” my children

- I fully believe that God has a plan for me that I am following

- I love engaging in meaningful conversation, especially if it builds others up in their faith

- I hardly watch TV anymore

- I rarely listen or watch any news

- (Biggest) I don’t care very much at all about things of this world (this greatly reduces stress)

- I regularly invite the Holy Spirit to be a part of everything in my life

- I pray more

- I praise more

- I love more and see people more as God sees them

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