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Changed Through Faith Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity with Gold Level Transparency at

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Make this a monthly payment?


1. We create and host faith-infused family events such as Donuts with Dads and the Father and Son Baseball Classic

These events teach families how to grow in their relationships with God and each other, creating stronger families and communities.


2. We provide valuable resources and faith-development content to thousands

  • Our encouraging, faith-based articles have been shared actively over 5,000 times and have been made available to audiences totaling over 3 million people.
  • We encourage our followers daily with scriptural content, prayers, music, and other ways to actively be Changed Through Faith.
  • We have provided free resources, including books, video series, and marriage courses to many people at no cost.


You Are Impacting Real Families!

  • "The day offered the chance reflect and help me realize my son is made by God, so to have more patience with him."
  • "It was well planned and thought out. It was executed flawlessly by Brian and his team."
  • The part of the day with the greatest impact: "Being able to tell my son how special he is to me."