Stories of faith and healing from the Gospel of Luke

This is a free 9-session devotional (in both audio and written format), with prayers and life application steps to these stories of demonstrated faith from the Gospel of Luke. (You do NOT need to buy the book to participate in the devotional–the book text IS the content of this online devotional. The book is just listed for purchase as an option)


For best results, we recommend repeating each session daily for one week, then move on to the next session. (i.e. Session 1=Week 1, Session 2= Week 2, etc.). When you read the same scripture every day for a week, or pray the same prayer every day for a week, God tends to reveal different things to you as you “dig in deeper” by repeating every day for a week. This also allows you more room to do different Faith Action Steps throughout the week and journal on the topic more thoroughly.


But that depth may not be for everyone. Maybe you just need a quick jumpstart right now! In that case, you can do a new session each day (finishing in 9 days). You could always choose to “go around again” (like a 9-inning double-header in baseball!).


Another alternative is to choose to do each session for three days in a row (finishing in 27 days).


It’s flexible and completely up to you!


Each session includes:

  • Listen or read, your choice (provided in audio and written format)
  • Scripture excerpt 
  • Reflection
  • Direct application to your life
    • Prayer application 
    • Action Steps to take

I hope you enjoy the devotional and the Changed Through Faith website, books, and materials. If we can help or you would like to share how they are helping you, please write us at


Brian Goslee
Author and Program Creator, Changed Through Faith