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Learn how to ACTIVATE your faith through prayer.

Growing Your Faith-Part 2

Growing Your Faith-Part 2 by Brian Goslee In Growing Your Faith-Part 1, we looked at what could be meant by the phrase “I want to grow in my faith.” We especially focused on two aspects of growing our faith: Strengthening our personal relationship with God Increasing our level of faith in God and His ways instead of our own   So, how do we do it? How do we "grow in our faith?"  In Growing Your Faith-Part 2, we are exploring some "how-to's" to grow our faith in our everyday lives. As it is with growing and strengthening anything, it..

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Growing Your Faith-Part 1

Growing Your Faith-Part 1 by Brian Goslee   How do you grow your faith? When people say "I want to grow in my faith," what do they mean? They may mean many different things. It may mean they want to simply believe there is a God or believe in God. It might mean they want to start going to church more regularly. It could mean they want to start reading the Bible or read it more regularly. It could also mean they want to deepen their personal relationship with God, or have more faith in Him and His ways, which..

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Listen to this article A New LOL by Brian Goslee The Changed Through Faith steps, book, and platform are all about activating your faith in your daily life. As those “activations” add up, you will experience increased closeness with God and transformation of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to be more consistent with God’s. The result: a changed life through increased faith in God, in His promises, in His ways, and in His timing. In its simplest form, activating your faith means thinking about God and focusing on things of God much more often in your daily life. It is..

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