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As You Stretch

LISTEN to the post VIEW IN TELUGU or another language As You Stretch by Brian Goslee Today we are looking at how we can stretch in our lives to activate our faith, based on a story found in the Bible, in the gospel of Mark 3:1-5.   Then Jesus left them and went again into the synagogue, where he encountered a man who had an atrophied, paralyzed hand. Everyone was watching Jesus closely to see if he would heal the man on the Sabbath, giving them a reason to accuse him of breaking Sabbath rules. Jesus said to the man..

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Wisdom from Mom

Wisdom from Mom by Brian Goslee This week marked year 5 that my mom has been in heaven; her name is Pam.  Pam was fantastic at living out the most important part of the Live It step that I wrote about in the Changed Through Faith book (before there even was a CTFaith book): Live It [our faith] by Loving Unconditionally. Following is an excerpt from that part of the Changed Through Faith book (pp. 133-135). LIVE IT BY LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY The most important way we can live it [our faith] is to love others. People will recognize that we..

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Growing Your Faith-Part 2

Growing Your Faith-Part 2 by Brian Goslee In Growing Your Faith-Part 1, we looked at what could be meant by the phrase “I want to grow in my faith.” We especially focused on two aspects of growing our faith: Strengthening our personal relationship with God Increasing our level of faith in God and His ways instead of our own   So, how do we do it? How do we "grow in our faith?"  In Growing Your Faith-Part 2, we are exploring some "how-to's" to grow our faith in our everyday lives. As it is with growing and strengthening anything, it..

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