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It’s About Love-Part 2

LISTEN to this post   VIEW IN TELUGU or another language It’s About LovePart 2-Our Love for Others by Brian Goslee (tune into the podcast about this post here at this link: CTFaith Quick: An "AHA" Moment About Love) (download the It's About Love bookmark here) Have you ever been frustrated and not “felt a lot of love?"I know I have…plenty of times. I want to share a quick, but important lesson that I learned about how we are called to love others the way God loves us.  For several months, I have been reading out loud every day Psalm..

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It’s About Love-Part 1

It’s About Love Part 1-God’s Love for Us by Brian Goslee (download the It's About Love bookmark here) Why does God want a relationship with you? In a word—love.  One day, I was enjoying a thought-provoking discussion with a good friend and Christian mentor in my life. On that day, God taught me a lesson I will never forget. During the conversation I asked, “Why does God want an intimate relationship with us if He doesn’t need us?” (“After all,” I thought, “God is all-knowing and all-powerful and can choose to do whatever He wants.”) My friend responded that  it’s..

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Share Your Story: The CTFaith Story

Share Your Story: The CTFaith Story by Brian Goslee This post coincides with Episode 2 of the Changed Through Faith Podcast. If you would rather listen to it than read it, feel free to visit the podcast at these link on Apple, Spotify, Audible, or Amazon Music.   The focus of this post is to share with you (1) my story, (2) where Changed Through Faith came from, and (3) what Changed Through Faith Ministries is doing now. Not only do I want to give you an idea about me and our ministry, but the real purpose of this is..

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