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It’s About Love-Part 2

LISTEN to this post   VIEW IN TELUGU or another language It’s About LovePart 2-Our Love for Others by Brian Goslee (tune into the podcast about this post here at this link: CTFaith Quick: An "AHA" Moment About Love) (download the It's About Love bookmark here) Have you ever been frustrated and not “felt a lot of love?"I know I have…plenty of times. I want to share a quick, but important lesson that I learned about how we are called to love others the way God loves us.  For several months, I have been reading out loud every day Psalm..

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It’s About Love-Part 1

LISTEN to this post TRANSLATE to another language It’s About LovePart 1-God’s Love for Us by Brian Goslee (download the It's About Love bookmark here) Why does God want a relationship with you? In a word—love.  One day, I was enjoying a thought-provoking discussion with a good friend and Christian mentor in my life. On that day, God taught me a lesson I will never forget. During the conversation I asked, “Why does God want an intimate relationship with us if He doesn’t need us?” (“After all,” I thought, “God is all-knowing and all-powerful and can choose to do whatever..

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Wisdom from Mom

Wisdom from Mom by Brian Goslee This week marked year 5 that my mom has been in heaven; her name is Pam.  Pam was fantastic at living out the most important part of the Live It step that I wrote about in the Changed Through Faith book (before there even was a CTFaith book): Live It [our faith] by Loving Unconditionally. Following is an excerpt from that part of the Changed Through Faith book (pp. 133-135). LIVE IT BY LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY The most important way we can live it [our faith] is to love others. People will recognize that we..

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