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Our mission is to help people live lives that are changed through faith, helping them grow closer to God and closer to each other.

Thank you for supporting us in this mission!

Brian Goslee
Executive Director
Changed Through Faith Ministries


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1. We provide valuable resources and faith-development content and share it through multiple websites and globally. 

  • We are a main source of support for the ministry of Pastor Babu and Sara in northeastern India, which includes a food ministry, bible ministry, and CTFaith program ministry.
  • We encourage our followers with scriptural content, prayers, music, and other ways to actively be Changed Through Faith.
  • We have provided free resources, including books, video series, and free online courses at no cost.

2. We create and host faith-infused family events such as Donuts with Dads and the Father and Son Baseball Classic

These events teach fathers and their families how to grow in their relationships with God and each other, creating stronger families and communities.  All of our events are free, fun, faith-infused, relevant, and welcoming.

Real support to real people

  • “Changed Through Faith Ministries is cementing the Christian faith into my heart, mind, and soul. The lessons learned are changing the dynamics of my life and those who are near and dear to my heart. “ -Trevor Santor Founder of Baseball Genesis
  • Thank you so much once again for your kind love and prayers and for encouraging us and thank you so much for all the Spirit-filled teachings and books we are using and taking prints and reaching out to our people here. Many people are coming to LORD and repenting and new souls are adding to LORD. Your timely help brought new souls through the Food Ministry for the Flood Victims and still many people suffer and starve in these interior regions. Please pray.
    Brother, thank you so much for your kind heart to provide Telugu bibles for the needy.  Please continue to pray for us and for our teams and every teaching is a blessing and Spirit-filled and changing lives in these villages in India.
    Please Greet all the Saints there. (October 2022)
    Your Brother Babu and Sara and Teams.
  • “It was well planned and thought out. It was executed flawlessly by Brian and his team.” – Attendee, Father & Son Baseball Classic
  • The part of the day with the greatest impact: “Being able to tell my son how special he is to me.” -Donuts with Dads Attendee
  • “I have benefited greatly from mentoring through Changed Through Faith Ministries. It has helped me increase my daily faith in God and has been a great sense of encouragement for me during a tough time in my life.” – CTFaith Ministry Resources Participant